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Skilled Nursing


One of the most valuable things about working with United Scripts is our open line of communications. Doug and Matt and the rest of their team are very responsive to our needs. In addition, to the quality service, we've been able to hold down our costs of prescription and pharmacy services. And finally, our ability to provision prescriptions any time of day is a great benefit when dealing with emergency situations. United Scripts is staffed with great people which makes for a great working relationship.

Sue Labuary, RN, BSN, Director of Nursing, Levering Nursing Home

Clinical Consulting Services

United Scripts offers consulting services in the form of in-services for our clients’ nursing staff, med pass inspections, as well as med room audits.  Our Consultant Pharmacists make use of Rxpertise software to stay up-to-date with the latest in prescription recommendations and drug warnings.  Our pharmacists also look for drug interactions and inappropriate medications in elderly patients/residents. Additionally, our pharmacists attend quarterly meetings and provide input on new therapies and medications, provide psychotropic reports, and ensure that the United Scripts facilities are kept up-to-date with pharmacy policies and procedures.

If you believe that your long-term care operation could benefit from United Scripts Pharmacy Services, please complete the brief Contact Us form on the About page and describe your area of interest. We would be happy to provide a no cost assessment of your operations to develop a plan to help your organization achieve its service and cost reduction goals.